Zero day exploit identified for all current versions of Internet Explorer – IE6-9

On Monday, September 17, a zero day exploit was identified for all current versions of Internet Explorer.  Suggestions by many of the security resources were that IE should not be used for accessing the Internet until the vulnerability was addressed.  See the following resources for information:

Update September 20

On Wednesday, September 19,  Microsoft released a fix it solution to address the vulnerability – it can be accessed at the following URL –

Update 2 – September 21

Microsoft is scheduled to release an out of band patch for the Internet Explorer vulnerability at about noon central time on Friday, September 21.


Information on other Microsoft patches released during the week of September 19

Microsoft also released KB 2735855 during the evening of 9/19. That update was identified as IMPORTANT and is unrelated to the IE vulnerability.

Network connection is slow when you run a WFP-based application on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2


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