Advance notice of March Microsoft patches – scheduled to be released on March 12.

Microsoft has just provided advance notice of the patches that are scheduled to be released on Tuesday, March 12. The information is available at –  There are a total of 7 patches, four of which are designated as CRITICAL. The remaining 3 patches are designated as IMPORTANT. At least one patch with a CRITICAL designation applies to all versions of Internet Explorer (6-10) running current windows workstation operating system versions (including Windows 8 and Windows RT). The Internet Explorer patches designated as CRITICAL for workstation operating systems are classified as MODERATE for all server operating systems.  Critical patches scheduled to be released also apply to the following products:

  • Microsoft Silverlight 5
  • Visio Viewer 2010sp1
  • Office 2010 filter pack SP1
  • SharePoint Server 2010sp1
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010sp1.

As the patch for all workstation versions of Internet Explorer addresses a remote code execution vulnerability if successfully exploited, it is likely that the AgriLife ISO recommendation will be patch as soon as possible for workstation installations.  It is possible that the recommendation could be patch immediately if the vulnerability has been made public prior to March 12.  Additional information will be provided as it come available on March 12.

Currently, no other vendors have announced software patches that are also scheduled to be released on March 12.

Update March 12 1:00 p.m.

Microsoft has provided additional details of the vulnerabilities that are patched with the bulletins released on Tuesday, March 12. At least one of the vulnerabilities has been publicly identified and exploit code for Internet Explorer version 8 is available. For that reason it is suggested the March patches be applied to workstations as soon as possible.  Additionally, Microsoft patch MS13-24  applies to SharePoint 2010sp1 installations. While no exploit code has been identified publicly as of March 12, it is recommended that the patch be applied to all 2010 SharePoint implementations as soon as possible.


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