Vulnerability in all versions of word being actively exploited

Microsoft has just provided an advisory about a vulnerability in all current versions of Word that is being actively exploited.  They have provided a fix-it utility and advise that the patch should be applied to all Office installs.  Details are available at The link with the fixit utility on that page is listed as […]

Five tips on Macintosh security

I just found the article below that offers five tips for better mac security. Number 0 on their list of 5 (really 6) is upgrade to Mavericks OS.  Having had a look at the number of AgriLife Mac systems that are running OS-X prior to 10.7, I see their statement about businesses lagging behind on […]

Advance notice of patches to be released by Microsoft for March – release date March 11

Microsoft has just provided their advance notice of the patches that will be released on Tuesday, March 11.  The details are available at – CURRENTLY (just in case MS pulls another fast one), there are five patches scheduled to be released. For workstation Operating Systems, two of the patches are designated as CRITICAL.  For […]

Update to iphone/ipad IOS 7 and Macintosh OS-X to address SSL vulnerability

During the week of February 17, a vulnerability was identified in iOS 7 and also in OS-X version 10.9.1 that could allow SSL connections to be captured or modified. Apple provided a fix to both iOS 7 and iOS 6 systems on February 21. Details are available from (iOS 7) (iOS 6) As […]

Zero day exploit for Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10

On Friday, February 14, a zero day exploit was identified for Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 which run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 respectively.  Malicious content was identified on a Veteran of Foreign Wars website.  The malicious code has been subsequently removed but other examples of the code are expected.  The vulnerability is […]

Advance notice of Microsoft February patches – to be released on Feb 11

Microsoft has recently provided advance notice of the patches that are scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 11. The details are available at – . There are a total of five patches for February; two of which are classified as CRITICAL. The two patches designated as critical could allow remote code execution if […]

Patches released for Flash and Firefox on Feb 4

There were updates to two products yesterday that were somewhat out of the norm. Please patch accordingly.Flash – version (Mac and Windows) released on February 4 version for Internet Explorer 10 released on February 4 Firefox – versions 27.0 and ESR 24.3 released on February 4

Advance notice of January 2014 Microsoft patches – to be released on January 14.

Microsoft has just provided advance notice of the patches that are scheduled to be released on January 14. The information is available at –   In just about all respects, its a light month. There are only four patches to be released. None of the four patches are classified as CRITICAL.  All of the […]

OS-X versions prior to 10.9 possibly no longer receiving updates

According to the URL below, Macintosh systems prior to OS-X version 10.9 are no longer receiving security updates. Please begin the effort now of identifying these systems for their replacement/upgrade. 82% of enterprise Mac users not getting security updates Last week I saw a post by Computerworld journalist Gregg Keizer about the fragmentation of […]

Advance notice of December Microsoft patches – to be released on Dec 10

Microsoft has just released advance details of the patches that are scheduled to be on Tuesday, December 10. The details currently are available at There are a total of eleven bulletins to be released, five of which are identified as CRITICAL.  Microsoft has indicated that operating system restarts will be required for Bulletins 1-3. […]